The NOVALIS VR Project


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The NOVALIS VR Project is a collaboration of VR artist Miguelangelo Rosario and VR game developer Jashan Chittesh for the creation of public art, to demonstrate the creativity that could be released in everyone through the use of Virtual Reality. 

VR  in many parts of our society is still viewed as a " bad gameboy " that could only be used to chase zombies and to watch 360 porn. This biased view on VR had brought down the first little beginnings of VR in the 90ties. Now technology has reached a certain degree of usability and its beginning to spread and hopefully not go away again so soon. VR can open so many new ways of thinking through immersion. 

Spirituality, openness, creativity and imagination are the strong powers that could give VR the status in society that this new technology deserves. Art must play an essential role in that development. Miguelangelo Rosario has envisioned the NOVALIS VR Project for the creation of public art, to demonstrate the creativity that could be released with this new medium and technology. 

Tilt Brush is a new VR tool that enables everybody to be an artist in VR. With a little intro even Non-artists are able to draw/sculpt anything they imagine into the Virtual Space around them. Immersed in colors and light, creating things, they will remember VR as a very positive experience and that VR is more than shooting and driving fast cars etc.

The Tilt Brush scene as a setup will have emblematic landmarks like the Berlin Wall to give the setting. People can now paint their virtual graffiti or sculpt things or paint even portals into other worlds...

Everything is possible ! Only Hatespeech and offensive content will be erased ! 

Different places to choose from with different " themes" are the Mixed Reality Environment for an ongoing growing art installation in VR. Mixed reality ( green screen ) teleports the participant into his virtual environment. Without the right technology this would not be possible. Jashan Chittesh is the magician, mixing the Realities with great Knowledge and approved camera skills. This magic is projected with beamers or shown on large screens. The individual participant can decide if his Mixed Reality Video will be published on a special purpose Youtube/vimeo channel. 

The project will be presented at various selected locations/events and grow with the time. Cardboard devices enable the view of the collaborative  art piece in VR worldwide trough Sketchfab. The audience can take their art back home and continiously watch it growing. Trough the ongoing process and the involvement of the audience, the entire project is a DIGITAL SOCIAL PLASTIC in the sense of Joseph Beuys. Shaping society in the perception of VR towards an open unbiased perception, not defining it as a "bad thing". Tilt Brush will be multiplayer soon and then this project can be used to meet and discuss art or society in VR.